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Food is art, and writing about food is, if possible, a higher art form, especially when practiced by Jeffrey Steingarten, since 1988 Vogue's food writer. Here are some links to Steingarten's work, and if by any chance Jeffrey Steingaren happens to read this page, know this: I want to share a meal with you, the sooner the better.

As Random House describes him, "Jeffrey Steingarten trained to become a food writer at Harvard College, Harvard Law School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Harvard Lampoon. For the past eight years he has been the internationally feared and acclaimed food critic of Vogue magazine. Recently he has also become the food correspondent for the on-line magazine Slate. For essays in this collection, Steingarten has won countless awards from the James Beard Foundation and the International Association of Culinary Professionals. On Bastille Day, 1994, the French Republic made him a Chevalier in the Order of Merit for his writing on French gastronomy. As the man who ate everything, Chevalier Steingarten has no favorite food, color, or song. His preferred eating destinations, however, are Memphis, Paris, Alba, Chengdu--and his loft in New York City."

Most recently his work won the 2002 National Magazine Award for Leisure Interest writing for three Vogue columns: Caviar Conundrum, March; Salt Chic, July; High Steaks, September: "In these three essays, Vogue food writer Jeffrey Steingarten sets out to find the world's finest caviar, salt and steak. Employing extensive (verging on obsessive) research and drawing on his tremendous culinary expertise, Steingarten not only confirms that differences do exist but also explains-in minute yet readable detail-what accounts for them. Along the way, he charms the reader with a dry wit that leaves food insiders and grazers alike deeply satisfied."

About Steingarten:

Harvard Law Bulletin -- Steingarten's alma mater profiles him.

Food and Drink People -- An article about Steingarten.

Dining with Steingarten -- American Lawyer article on dinner with JS, one of only a few I've seen about him where the writer didn't get it, another being this reference in Salon from a review of a panel he moderated: "In person, though, Steingarten is a somewhat different animal. With his thatch of gray hair and his bored-but-haughty demeanor, he often seemed like Jack Kemp trying to channel the droning comedian Ben Stein. He neglected to connect with either the audience or the panelists."

On-line Steingarten (click on links to read)

The Omnivore -- For Slate: Learning to eat anything and everything.

Going Postal -- For Slate: Christmas means the U.S. Postal Service.

Mail-Order Choices -- Steingarten's Holiday gift food choices.

Canyon Ranch -- Excerpt from a piece in The Man Who Ate Everything.

The Bar and Grilling of Gotham -- Excerpt from a piece in The Man Who Ate Everything.

How We Live Today   -- Excerpt from a piece in The Man Who Ate Everything.

Let's Get Acquainted With The Potato -- Excerpt from a piece in The Man Who Ate Everything.

Toro, Toro, Toro -- Excerpt from a piece in It Must've Been Something I Ate.

NPR show on Cheese -- Steingarten is one guest on this show: NPR Page .

Video Clip -- A clip of Steingarten at a conference on Asian food and the Internet.

Books (Amazon):

The Man Who Ate Everything -- The first, the classic Steingarten.

It Must've Been Something I Ate -- The latest and greatest.


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