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My work is focused on the digital delivery of art, meaning music, movies, books and other means of creative expression.

I run OneHouse LLC, where we assist in the transition from the analog to digital worlds.

I also write, and have done so for Business 2.0, TheFeature, and many other publications.

I often speak or write what I think for money and will sometimes work on stage or camera. I regularly speak at corporate and association meetings around the world, and enjoy working with teams on projects.

I also consult in return for equity or fees, and am generally more interested in making a difference than in making a dollar. Money should not lead, but it is nice when it follows.

I currently consult both start-ups and entertainment studios, law firms and financiers, artists and industry associations, record companies and publishers. My specialty is bridging the worlds of entertainment, media and technology. We do not publicly disclose client lists and completely respect confidentiality.

Before starting these businesses, I ran for about five years Geffen Record's technology department. When I left Geffen we originally called the new business OneHouse, but changed the name to Cherry Lane Digital when we were privileged to become associated with Milt Okun and his Cherry Lane Music Group.

OneHouse LLC is an independent company, not affiliated with any music or media interests.


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